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The Secret Library for Students of the Bible

Biblical scholars might be interested to learn of a secret library hidden in St Nicolas' Church, which is now open for their use.

One set of books was donated by a member of the congregation who had collected them for her PhD research before re-turning to her native USA. Janice Curcio, whom many readers will remember, was studying for a PhD in biblical studies and purchased a vast collection of books which she was unable to take back to the US when her visa to stay in the UK ran out. Being a great supporter of our parish and St Nicolas in particular she decided to leave her library to the Church.

The books are to be found in the clergy vestry, but not a lot of people know that! Should any reader want to take a look at the collection you should ask a Churchwarden. The books may be loaned but only to known members of the parish.

For a list of the books, see: